Video Training Material

Professor Michael E. Lamb, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge, talks about child forensic interviewing and the NICHD Protocol  CLICK HERE

Professor Thomas D. Lyon, USC University of Southern California, talks about research and the practical aspects of child forensic interviewing CLICK HERE

Annabelle Nicol, Psychology PhD student at Abertay University, has created a re-enactment of an NICHD Protocol interview for use in training sessions. CLICK HERE

Dr. David La Rooy, Abertay University Dundee, talks about child forensic interviewing and the NICHD Protocol. CLICK HERE

John E. B. Myers, Professor of Law, McGeorge Law School, University of the Pacific, Sacramento, California, talks about legal child sexual abuse investigation issues.   CLICK HERE

Dr David La Rooy, Abertay University Dundee, talks at the 4th International Seminar on Child Sexual Offences: The Fundamental Rights of Child Victims in the Criminal Process, Fundación Amparo y Justicia, Santiago, Chile . “Maximising Information Obtained from Child and Adolescent Stories While Respecting their Rights.” PART 1 CLICK HERE    PART 2 CLICK HERE